Here are more details about some of our lovely performers…

Alasdair Taylor

Alasdair Taylor is a teller of tales from all over the world, but specialises in ancient Celtic myths.  Bringing the old stories to life for school children by day, Alasdair seeks evening relief by performing them in front of raucous adult audiences, at venues where children are not allowed…

Fiona Herbert

Wildlife activist and hopeful traveller Fiona Herbert is keen to regale you with tales of her adventures in  far flung lands, some of which involved an ex boyfriend. She dumped him. He did not dump her. May involve petitional allegiance

Donald Nelson

Donald Nelson came to storytelling through working in libraries although coming from a large Glasgow family means he’s been surrounded by storytellers all his life. Donald lives in Glasgow again after moving around a bit and has picked up a few stories on the way.

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton is Scotland’s comedy godfather. Writer, broadcaster, comedian and commentator, Bruce has a shelf of awards and 20 years of laughter in his suitcase. He’s written and performed for stage, screen and radio for so many important things, we can’t begin to list them. Well, we could but we’re lazy. Total legend.

Vladimir McTavish

Electric Tales is also pleased to welcome another Scottish comedy legend to its stage. Vladimir, who occasionally transforms into football pundit Bob Doolally, is one of Scotland’s most popular circuit comedians who has written and starred for shows such as ‘The Live Floor Show’ and ‘We’re On Our Way to Wembley.’

Susan Morrison

Pint-sized firebrand comedian and fact nerd Susan Morrison is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Scotland, as well as whipping crowds into shape as one of The Stand’s resident comperes. Susan has an intricate knowledge of the Titanic and the dirtier aspects of Edinburgh’s history.


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