Welcome to Electric Tales

September 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Greetings and welcome to the new online home of Electric Tales. We hope you find all the information you need but if we’ve left anything off then please get in touch by emailing: electrictales @ me.com.

Who we are

Electric Tales was born in Edinburgh and set up by Siân Bevan with a lot of help from the lovely Susan Morrison and the good folk of the Scottish Storytelling Centre and The Stand Comedy Club. It was designed to create a space where storytellers and comedians could come together and merge their artforms. It’s resulted in some beautiful shows already and we can’t wait to open it out and see where it’ll go. Like a kitten in a box. But not cruel.

How you can get involved

We have many exciting plans in the offing, so drop us an email if you’d like to know more. If you’re a performer then let us know your background, and if you’re a lovely potential audience member let us know who or what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make you happy. We know! We’re lovely.

Anything else….

We always love hearing about interesting events around Scotland, so feel free to post up anything you think we’d be interested in. Unless it’s dirty. Although…

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April Thrills!

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’re back, with another fantastic evening of comedy storytelling. Get your confusingly sexy bum to The Stand, Edinburgh on Tuesday 24th April for all your entertainment needs.

Happiness is yours at the bargainous price of just £5 (£4 for students or the genuinely skint) and doors open at 7.30pm.

For more details about the night, click on our wee Facebook event page. It’s far less of a mess than this website (I know, I know): https://www.facebook.com/events/344474812275445/

And so we return…

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New Year Tales

10th January, The Stand Edinburgh, 8.30pm (£5/£4)

And we’re back! Electric Tales returns for 2012 with another spanking line-up of comedy storytellers, set to entertain and tickle your fancy until it bleeds happiness all over the shop. This month’s performers include…

Allan Miller! Writer, comedian and person

Ron Fairweather and Fergus McNicol! Storytellers, Macastory fellows and cheerful types

Bob Skeldon! Storytelling blokey and nice to children chap.

Teddy! Mega-ace comedian with proper jokes and that. Evil.

All the usual stuff! (you know the kinda thing we’re talking ’bout)

Find out more on our Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/214626141956919/


See you there kidz

Autumn Days and the Grass is Jewelled…

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Autumn Days and the Grass is Jewelled…

As the nights draw in, what you really need in your life is a night of comedy storytelling featuring some legendary performers. Right? Right. With regular host Siân out of the country, a couple of freakishly marvellous (and we mean that in every sense) comperes have stepped up to the plate. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Niall Browne and Derek Johnston: a pair so weird they’ve swung all the way back round to normal. They’ll be introducing a top line-up at the next show, with acts including Father Ted‘s Michael Redmond, musical act Tommy Mackay and the Antihoot hero: Lach.

All you need to know is…

WHERE: The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh (but of course)

WHEN: Tuesday 11th October 2011

WHAT TIME: Doors open at 7.30pm, show starts at 8.30pm

HOW MUCH: Just £5 full price, or £4 for students/members

There’s more info and chat about the event on the Facebook page.

Literally, that is all you need to know for the rest of your life. And you are bloody welcome.

Crazy Weather and Compact Festivals

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is it summer? Monsoon season? Who knows? What we are sure about is that Electric Tales is happening on the 12th July at The Stand, Edinburgh and we are excited. July is just a brilliant time to watch both comedy and storytelling, stretching those muscles as you prepare for the madness of the Festival. August can just be a massive sensory overload so it’s nice to see things in the peace of July, before a student starts flyering in your living room.

One thing we love about Electric Tales is that we are like a wee Fringe-in-a-night. We’re really interested in the spaces where performance types crossover and mate with each other, producing crazy babies who stay up all night and drink gin from birth. Cabaret, storytelling, comedy, dance, theatre, burlesque… all of these beautiful places have the potential to tell brilliant comedy stories and we just can’t wait to stretch our wings further and see what else people come up with.

We’ve confirmed another performer for the night: comedian John Gavin, who’s been creating waves on the circuit since he started the funnies in July 2008.

So, don’t forget – 12th July at The Stand, York Place, Edinburgh. Doors at 7.30pm, show starts at 8.30pm and tickets are only £4 (£3 concessions).

In other news, we’re gearing up our training programme. Part of our aim is get more people interested in comedy storytelling, and to make sure performers feel confident when working outside their normal sphere. Check our new training page for more information about up-coming, great value events.

Happy Rainy Days

The Electric Tales Robots (and Siân)

July 2011 and all the things…

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s nearly July! Gosh and darnit but this year is flying by. The robots are grumbling that it’s nearly Christmas already but it’s only because they get cranky in the summer.  Still, a new month means a new edition of Electric Tales is about to be launched. So, here’s what you need to know…

12th July at The Stand Comedy Club, York Place, Edinburgh. Doors 7.30pm, Show 8.30pm.

This month we’ve another kooky collection of the weird and wonderful telling comedy stories including…

Tim Porteus! The acclaimed storyteller and wearer of hats is being all charming

Lucy Oldham! Comedian and lamb tickler

Kirsty Neary! This up-and-coming writer, author of The Stately Pantheon, and award-winning eyeliner-wearer is guesting at The Stand this month

Hat and Hood! Last seen in Niall Browne and Elaine Malcolmson are All Kinds of Everything, this Northern Irish duo will present a rather different view of the world.

There’ll be special guests, the chance to win a tiny homeless robot and all the usual loveliness. Hope to see you there, chickens.